Friday, September 30, 2011

Albertsons Trip 9/30--69% Savings

Albertsons had some really great deals to be had this week!  I stayed up *way* too late last night going through my coupons and making my shopping list.  For the record, making the list was easy!  What took the longest was going through and finding any that I *might* want to use that were expiring today.  I always like to take those along just in case there is an unadvertised deal!

Here is everything I got today (click to enlarge):

Total Shelf Price:  $90.58  (even more because I do not know the normal price of the apples)
Total Sale Price:   $55.90  (Minus $10 for buying two sets of Mega items = $45.90)

Price Paid After Coupons:  $27.92   69% Savings

I actually did this in two transactions.  In  my first transaction, I bought only the three boxes of cereal at 3 for $7.  I had a $0.50/1 for each which doubled, so I paid just $4 for the three boxes of cereal.  Then, I received my coupon for FREE milk that I was able to use on my milk in my second transaction.  However, my milk cost $2.89.  The coupon that printed was for $3.75 off, and the full amount deducted, making the milk a moneymaker.

That mean's that I pretty much paid just $3.14 total for everything pictured below.  That averages out to just $1.05 per box of cereal (instead of the $1.25 I thought I would be paying), plus FREE milk.

I intended to use up a few more of my expiring coupons, however the bisquick was a smaller box than I thought it was, so I bought only 3 (I had 5 coupons).  I also wanted to buy the squeezable Welch's grape jelly, but the shelf had been cleared.  I had 5 coupons for that item as well, (plus we were out!), but I used just 2 on the larger jars.

I did find another FREEBIE while I was there, as well.  The small Gain dish detergents were just $0.99 everyday price.  I had 3 $0.50/1 coupons that doubled, so I picked up a few of those for FREE.

The only items on my "need" list this week were milk and bread, so I went ahead and grabbed the bread while I was there, and will not be making my normal Aldi trip this week.

I think this was a pretty successful shopping trip overall.  Nearly everything I wanted was in stock, and what wasn't had a substitute available that I could still use my coupon for.  I grabbed an extra peanut butter to make up for the Kid's Compleats that was NOT included, but $0.99 is a great price for peanut butter anyway!

I even had a friendly, coupon using cashier (the grumpy one that had the express lane open called her over from the service desk when she saw me), and my little helper was well behaved.

Here she is showing off my receipt that was as tall as she was.

I find Albertsons to be a bit more costly than Kroger was, but I don't think it is going to be a bad alternative since Kroger stopped doubling.  I'm sure to be shopping there more and more!

How did your shopping go this week?


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