Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aldi Deals 9/21-9/27

Here are the best prices I see advertised at Aldi this week:

Mushrooms   $0.69/package (does not state size)
Roma Tomatoes  $0.69/ 1 lb package
Yellow Onions   $0.33/lb sold in 3 lb bags for $0.99 each
Green Bell Peppers   $1.29/ pack (2-3 count)
Little Salad Bar Italian /Ceasar 10oz  $1.49

The ad actually folded out today (usually a single sheet), and there was a ton of Italian food related items inside.  Most are regular priced, which are still very low compared to most places.  I think my favorites are the stuffed ravioli's and tortellini's for $1.69-$1.99.  This is what my Italian Sausage soup recipe called for, but last time I pruchased them, I recall them being over $3 a pack!  I've just used random pasta, but it is soooo much better with cheese tortellini if you ask me (extra calcium, too!)


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