Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 7: CVS Gift Card Challenge--$0.63 OOP and 98% Savings

$25 CVS Gift Card Challenge

Tonight I made my 5th shopping trip using my $25 Gift Card supplied by Cheryl at SimplyCVS (I took two weeks off from shopping, but this is week 7 since I got the card.)

I was able to snag a lot of great deals that my family needed, and there were even more great deals that I passed on, since we didn't need them!

Here is everything I picked up tonight:
Total Shelf Cost:  $37.64
Total Sale Price:  $27.65
Price Paid After Coupons and $10.49 in ECBs from last week:  $0.63 (98% Savings)  and I got back $8.19 in ECBs for next time.

The Bengay did not produce ECBs this trip, but it was only $0.49 after the coupon, so I used it as a filler item to reach my $25 limit to be able to use my $5/$25 coupon.

I was also very thrilled to get some of the new Huggies Slip On Diapers because my daughter is potty training, but she is sooo very tiny.  She is 25 1/2 months old not and still *well* within size 3 diaper weight limit.  However, Pull-Ups and other such training pants begin their sizes at 2T, which is equivalent to a size 4 diaper, so they were so bulky on her!  These are made just like a Pull-Up and seem to fit her much more snugly.  I imagine they will feel drier if she happens to wet them as well, which is great for overnight when she needs them the most!

Here is the breakdown of the items I purchased and the coupons I used:
  • Ritz Crackerfuls   $2.50 (Used FREE coupon from scanner) =FREE
  • Huggies Slip On   $8.99 (Used $3/1 from today's paper) Get $1 ECB
  • Colgate Optic White Toothbrush  $3.99 (Used $0.75/1 from today's paper)  Get $1.50 ECBs.
  • Irish Spring Body Wash  (Used $0.50/1 printable)   Get $2 ECBs
  • CVS Allergy Relief  5ct.  $3.69.   Get $3.69 ECBs
  • Bengay $5.49  (Used $5/1 from today's paper) 
  • --Also used $5/$25 coupon that I was sent via email, and my existing ECBs from last week.
I currently have $14.76 left on my gift card along with my $8.19 in ECBs.  That is like still having $22.95 left to spend towards my challenge.

So far I have spent just $10.24 on $148.79 worth of items.  That's a total savings of 93%!

If you are just catching this challenge, you can read my post where I first introduced it.

If you've missed any of my trips and would like to catch up, check out these posts:

Week 1: Spent $5.10 OOP on $39.61 worth w/ $12 ECBs remaining.

Week 2: Spent $0.28 OOP on $ 21.25 worth w/ $10.99 ECBs remaining.

Week 3: Spent $3.62 OOP on $27.77 worth w/ $7 ECBs remaining.

Weeks 4-5: Did Not Shop

Week 6: Spent $0.61 OOP for $22.52

Week 7: Current Trip--Spent $0.63 OOP for $37.64

Simply CVS

There are a ton more great deals to be had at CVS this week, and you can find them all listed out, which coupon match-ups, over at Simply CVS's 9/11 Sale Ad Deals Page!  (Scroll down to see them all).  The ones I used mostly were the ECB deals!  I love when I get paid back to shop! ;)

If you have a CVS trip or scenario that you wish to share, please link it up below:


Debi September 11, 2011 at 10:09 PM  

You did very well! Great job!

Amanda September 11, 2011 at 10:38 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda September 11, 2011 at 10:39 PM  

Thanks Debi! And thanks for linking up! Going to check your post out now!

Patrice September 12, 2011 at 4:17 PM  

Great job!

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