Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing: Let's Read For Free

Let's Read For Free

I wanted to let you guys know about another blog site that I've been working on and trying to get up and running.  It's called Let's Read For Free.  

I've always loved reading, and I'm a bit obsessive about checking Amazon for new Kindle books.  I will be posting a lot of these that I find on this site.  I've also signed up with a few sites that offer free books to bloggers in exchange for book reviews, so you will see some of those on this site as well.  I come across free book/e-book/magazine offers upon occasion as well, so you may see some of those there, too.

I didn't want this other love of mine to take up too much space on this blog, so I decided to give it its own place.  But, I thought many of you might be interested.  If you would like to follow my new site, just click the link above.  You can choose to follow by email, google friend connect, or by facebook.  

I'll still be around here, so no worries!  =)


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