Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Freezer Cookbooks

Freezer cooking is something I absolutely love to do.  Not only does it save time (because dinner is already made and in the freezer), but it also saves money because you can stock up on things when they are at their lowest prices, and then find recipes to turn those things into meals.

I just mentioned over on my facebook page about flipping through some freezer cookbooks looking for new recipes.  This led to some questions about what cookbooks I was looking through (this one's for you Michelle!)

This seems to be a hot topic in general, though, because when we did our Dishing It Up recipe hop on freezer meals, it had the highest traffic of all of our other hops.  Plus, I am always having page hits almost daily from searches for freezer meals.

Because of this, I thought it would be useful to you if I put together a list of freezer cookbooks.  Amazon gave me the easiest way to do this, by making a widget, so here it is:

Notice at the bottom that there are more than one page that you can flip through and see more.

Now, to be completely honest, I do have an Amazon Associates account, and if you click through this widget and decide to buy any of these books, I will earn a percentage of the sale.

My main purpose in setting this widget up is not to make money, though.  It is just to showcase some of the freezer cookbooks that I am aware of.  Some of these are on sale (at the time I am posting this at least), and you may wish to just have them delivered right to your door.  Maybe you have Amazon Credits from Swagbucks or superpoints or taking online surveys, and you can get these for FREE on Amazon (I do a lot of my shopping that way!).

If you don't have Amazon credits to use, you may wish to search for these titles at your local library or used book store.  I've found some of the ones that I own (and can't find) at Half Price Books.  They now have an online search tool as well that may be of use to you.

I hope this list is helpful.  I am going to try to find a place on my site to have it featured, so you can find it easily in the future.

If you know of any other freezer cookbooks that you love, leave a comment with its title, and I can look it up and add it to the list!


Michelle H. October 7, 2011 at 11:25 AM  

Thank you so much. I just put them all on hold at my library. After I look at them I will buy the ones that I really like and want to have on hand for future cooking weekends.

Amanda October 7, 2011 at 11:46 AM  

Great idea! That's what I did with most of my own. Gotta make sure the recipes are good before you spend money on it. ;)

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