Monday, October 24, 2011

(Un)Organization Update

This seems like it about covers last week.
                                                                    Source: via Gerard on Pinterest

I didn't give you my organization report last weekend because I was away on a Women's retreat with my church.  I had worked really hard prior to leaving to keep up with all of the dishes and laundry.  My husband (he's pretty awesome) had the sink and laundry bin empty when I return.  Ok, well there may have been a small promise of tears had it not been so....

I came home very relaxed and refreshed, and I felt more like playing with my kids than cleaning.  I told my husband I relaxed so much that it kinda spilled over into my week.  Tuesday, I was really ready to start tackling some projects around here, but that night we got news of the sudden death of my husbands 24 year old cousin, so that kinda of put a damper on all of us.  My husband was able to fly home for the funeral, and was gone for the weekend, and I didn't accomplish much then either.

Now it wasn't like I was in some deep depression and didn't lift a finger and everything fell apart.  I did manage to get the dishes done daily (so what if it wasn't until 11pm...), and I still managed to at least wash a load of clothes everyday.  I got a bit behind on the folding and putting away part, though.  I also got a bit behind on the clipping and putting away coupons...and there was a nasty incident involving a stack of no long available high value printable coupons and a spilled cup of was not pretty.  Not pretty at all!

So, in all I'm not really that far behind, I'm just upset that I haven't made any further progress.  I did get a bit of freezer cooking done, and I plan to share some of that soon.

I may be posting infrequently over the next couple of weeks, as we will have houseguests.  Howver, I'm sure it will give me lots to tell you about, too.  My Aunt is bringing her coupons, and can't wait to go shopping with me.  She also wants to help me reorganize my pantry and whatnot, and she's bringing up some stuff that she *says* I am to sew into a Halloween costume for my kids.  That might be an epic fail, but I'll be sure to let you know. ;)

Right now, I need to get on top of making that to do list (instead of napping...which sounds oh so tempting right now--more coffee!).  I've got several things around here that need to be taken care of before my guest arrive, such as putting away my clipped coupons, and getting the extra bed made up.

I'm going to stick with my same three goals this week, of keeping up with the laundry and dishes, and keeping my coupons clipped and put away.  I also have a weekly goal of getting one organizing project (at least) accomplished, and getting some type of food cooked and into the freezer.  And I intend to keep telling you all about, just because it makes me *feel* held accountable.  (I need the pressure!) ;)

How are your organizational goals going?  Better than mine, I hope!


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