Thursday, October 6, 2011

Using Swagbucks To Stock Up For Cold Season

It seems like every fall and winter allergies and colds take their toll on me.  I had been told by several people that I should try using a neti pot, so I finally did, and it really, really did help.  But, those little salt packets that they use are pretty expensive!

This is where Swagbucks comes in!  I always redeem my Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards.  I love Amazon because you can get pretty much anything you need, delivered right to you door (saving you time and gas), and they have very reasonable prices, sometimes the best.

I am running low on my salt solution for my neti pot, so I purchased some on Amazon.

This is a 2 pack of NeilMed's Sinus Rinse Pre-Mixed Packets, 100-Count Boxes , so 200 packets total.  Amazon's price is $23.48, and eligible for free shipping.  However, if you choose the Subscribe and Save option, you save 15% and get FREE shipping on all orders (not just orders over $25).

You can choose your delivery frequency, and also cancel the subscription at anytime in your account.  The single 100 count boxes of these sell for about $12, so this is cheaper than I could get them in a store to begin with.

Using my certificates I earned from Swagbucks, however, I was able to get them for FREE!

So now, I will be all stocked up on this for cold season.  These may seem pretty expensive, but when I consider the fact that since I began using this product, I haven't gotten my annual sinus infection that put me on antibiotics, it has actually saved me money on doctor bills and prescriptions. =)

I will also be using my Swagbucks to purchase Christmas gifts again this year.  What will you be using your Swagbucks for?


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