Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 Reasons You Can't Cook Alone With Children In The House

After carving all the meat we could off our turkey, I put the rest into a pot of water to boil down and make a stock.  This morning, I was attempting to separate the remainder of the turkey meat from the bones, when I had a realization:  there was no way I could have gotten that accomplished had my husband not been home.

If your house is anything like mine, and you attempt to do anything that will get your hands dirty and takes more than 2 minutes of your time, here's what will invariably happen:

Not today, but a similar situation a few months back.

  1. The kids will fight.  (don't the always??)
  2. The toddler will try to operate your laptop.  (That would be an interesting blog post!)
  3. The kids will decide they want to go outside.  They will claim to be unable to open the back door.  (Never seemed to stop them before.)
  4. The kids will get outside, decide they are cold, and want to come back inside.  (Again, with the door.)
  5. On the way back inside, the toddler will step in dog poop.
  6. They will be unable to find their sweaters (right in front of their faces.)
  7. They will go back outside, and the other kid will step in dog poop. (I sort of think that one was on purpose.)
  8. One of them will get hurt.
  9. One of them will get a bug bite and swear they need a bandaid.
  10. They will get inside with muddy hands and decide to try to help.


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