Thursday, November 17, 2011

Organization Update: Sometimes It's The Little Things

I have been very easily distracted lately, and have had a lot of trouble focusing on things.  This is usually a bad thing, but sometimes it can work to my advantage.  Take this morning, for instance....

I'm unloading my dishwasher.  The first thing I always unload is the silverware, so I pull out the silverware drawer.  The first thing I notice is that, except for the big spoons that nobody uses, it's empty (apparently, I got distracted from doing the dishes yesterday...) .  Then I remember that the silverware tray that sits in the drawer has lifted up and a lot of stuff has fallen underneath it.  Plus, it's full of crumbs.  Always one to take advantage of an easier way to do things, I jumped right in cleaning the empty tray.

But when I lifted the tray out of the drawer, this is what I found beneath it (shameful, I know):

YIKES!  No wonder it wouldn't open half the time!  I found torn off sweetener packages, dried up shell noodles, broken disposable forks, and several other items I deemed trash.  I found things that belong in other drawers that we'd been looking for, and I finally decided it was time to bag up the rubber coated baby food spoons.  I mean, I have a 27 month old now, and she's got all her teeth...

I think the scariest thing was when I reached the bottom of the drawer:

This was a sticky brown substance reminiscent of coffee cup rings.  There was a tray of silverware in this drawer, so how does that even happen?!?!?  I scrubbed and sprayed and scrubbed and wiped, and even broke out the old toothbrush (that I had also found hiding in the drawer).

So here is what it looks like now:

I know this is not a huge feat, and it barely took my 15 minutes, but sometimes I just need these little reminders because I make really bit deals out of small things, and end up putting them off.

I have a ton of these little small tasks around the house that I need to get done, but I never think I will have time to finish them, so I keep putting them off.  I guess sometimes I just need them to distract me. ;)


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