Friday, November 18, 2011

Survey A Day Challenge: I Earned 20 Pts. From Opinion Outpost

Today I qualified for a survey from OpinionOutpost.  It has always been one of my very favorite survey sites, and when I was more actively taking surveys, it was very easy to earn rewards from them, and that seems to still be true.

I got an email invite from them (quite vague, unlike others--no points, no topic, no time length-but don't be turned off by that.):

I clicked it, and got little more information, but I know this to be a company that assigns fairly, if not generously, so I went with it.

Before too many questions, I realized that I had in fact qualified for this survey (its easy to tell when they get into subject matter).  This one was actually asking my opinion of several options of a cover of a new movie, and then a few about my technology usage in general.

Here's what I got when it ended:

What I like most about this site is that the points are added instantly (I earned 20 for this survey, added to the 58 I already had) and they give you a running total of points (I have 78 now) and sweepstakes entries, along with the next drawing date.

There are several cash out options with Opinion Outpost.  My favorite is Amazon, but they also have PayPal, (not the best value, since there are always coupon codes), and a few other obscure options.

Cash out values are really low, 100pts ($10) for PayPal, and 50pts minumum ($5) for Amazon.  The cool thing about this site is that you can request any amount over $5 in Amazon.  I could put in my 78 points right now, and they would issue me a code for $7.80 rather quickly (i've seen them come within the hour, but within the day at least).

This is a very good option to quickly earn a few extra Amazon dollars to cover Christmas expenses.  There are many surveys available, and they keep asking if you wish to take another (plus you can always access more from you dashboard).  If you have a small block of time, you can qualify for several and earn a good bit in no time, depending on what are offered to you.  Be sure to fill in your profile!

If you'd like to sign up for Opinion Outpost, and begin earning points for your opinion, click the image below:


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