Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Survey A Day Challenge: Valued Opinions (Updating My Profiles Worked!)

Yesterday, I told you about how I had updated my profile surveys on Valued Opinions.  Well, guess what I found waiting in my inbox?

That's right, a survey invitation!  The reward was $1.50, so if I qualified, that would get me to the payout threshold, so I went for it!

You can see how their emails clearly state the topic (however vague it may be HA!), as well as the reward and the amount of time you can expect to spend (usually an overestimation if you are a quick clicker!).

I went through this survey quickly, and I did qualify!  Woohoo!  Now my account still shows the $19 I had waiting yesterday, but I now have $1.50 pending!  (I hope not for too long!)

If you would like to sign up with Valued Opinions and begin earning money that can be cashed out for gift vouchers (currently available are: Amazon, Macy's, Visa, Mariot, Magazines.com, and FragranceNet), click on the image below to register:


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