Monday, November 14, 2011

Surveys: Fill Out Your Profiles

I've been sharing my Survey A Day Challenge with you guys (and admittedly I've not had time to do one each day yet), but I thought I would spend a little bit of time talking about the importance of filling out your profile surveys.

This morning, I got a profile survey invite by email from Valued Opinions (I like it when they send email reminders about these things, or when they've created new profile surveys).  A few sites even offer points for filling these out so pay close attention.

I decided to log into my account and fill out this particular profile survey even though there were no points attached for two reasons:

  1. I like to keep my profile surveys filled in because they can better cater surveys to me and only send the ones I'm likely to qualify for.  When they create new profile surveys, it is usually actually a screener of sorts for a new set of surveys coming up in the near future, and your answers may pre-qualify you.
  2. I just wanted to see what my balance was in my account. (Honestly, I could not even remember the last time I had taken one of their surveys, and often if the points do not credit right away, I will come back and surprisingly be able to cash out.
When I logged in, I discovered two things that shocked me:
  1. I had $19 waiting in my account (I need $20 to cash out an Amazon certificate).  Sooo close!
  2. It said my profile surveys were only 24% complete (that's really not like me!)
It also said I had no available surveys waiting for me.  I thought that the best thing to do to help that along would be to fill out my missing profile surveys, which did not take long at all.

Now this is what I see in my account:

I'm hoping that little "there are no surveys available" line will be taken care of now that my profile surveys are complete.  Then I should be able to quickly earn my last needed dollar and cash out $20 more Amazon money!  (I showed you what I'm doing with that this morning!)

While I'm doing my Survey A Day Challenge, I'm going to try to remember to go in and check on profile completeness at each site!  It's very important in order to get the most (and most appropriate) surveys!

If you've not yet become a member of Valued Opinions and would like to give them a try, you can sign up by clicking the image below:


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