Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Aldi Deals 12/21-12/27

Here are the best prices I see advertised at Aldi this week:

I do not see a meat special buy advertised for this week  (I hope they haven't stopped doing those!)

Spiral Sliced Half Ham  $1.69/lb

Smoked Ham, Butt Portion  $1.39/lb

Smoked Ham, Shank Portion  $1.19/lb.


Broccoli Crowns  1lb package for $0.99 each

Russet Potatoes  $1.49 each for 10 lb bag.

Celery  $0.69 each

Sweet Potatoes  $0.99 for 3 lb bag.

California Naval Oranges  $0.35/lb  sold in 4 lb. bags for $1.39.

Gold Pineapple  $0.99 each


Milk  $1.99/gallon

Eggs  $0.99/dozen

Stuffing Mix  $0.89 each  (the herb is sooo good)

Mashed Potatoes  4oz pouch  $0.79 each

Cream Soups  $0.59 each

Canned Corn/Green Beans  $0.49 each

Brown/Powdered Sugar  2lb.   $1.49 each

Crescent Rolls   $0.99 each

Sugar  $1.99 4lb.

Flour  $0.99 5lb.


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