Thursday, December 22, 2011

FREE Meal Planning Site

Many of us have plans to do better with our organization in the new year, and for many of us that includes planning meals.

Food On The Table is a free meal planning tool that uses your local store's sale prices to help you put together a meal.  

The free  option allows you to plan up to three meals at a time.  This works perfectly for me because I try to cook no more than three new meals a week.  I will double (or more) a recipe that I'm cooking so that i have leftovers to eat or freeze, and then fill in the gaps from meals I have in the freezer.

I love this free service, mostly because it does not just tell you what's going to be on your menu, but gives you a whole list of options to choose from (favoring meals with items on sale at your selected store!), and then puts together a shopping list from your choices.

If you've not yet signed up for this wonderful money saving site, do so now by clicking on the image above.


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