Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day Of The Month: A Checklist

I cannot believe that it is already December 31st!  I can't believe how fast this month has flown by!

I know that its been a hectic time of year with all the holidays, and sometimes couponing and other saving  methods get pushed to the side for the sack of time and convenience.

I know many people make goals to get their spending/saving back on track in the new year, so I thought a list of a few things that would help you get 2012 off to a good start would be helpful!

1)  Many coupon sites reset on the first of the month, removing last month's coupons, and replacing them with new coupons.  Head over to the following sites and make sure you've printed anything you may need:

Print FREE Grocery Coupons at Home

Coupon Network

Also check here to see if there are any stand alone printables that you missed:

2)  Check your e-coupons expiration dates:



Turn Your Everyday Spending into College Savings!

3.  Go through your newspaper coupons.  Check for coupons expiring today.  If there are any that you can't bear to let expire, go shopping!  (Just remember that if you do go shopping just to use coupons you are spending money that you perhaps would not have, so its ok to let them expire!)

Tomorrow I will have a list of things to do on the first of the month!


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