Monday, December 12, 2011

Menu Plan: I'm Not Cooking!

This Friday, we will be leaving town for a quick weekend trip to see my husbands younger brother graduate from college.  It's taken him nearly 8 years of working part time while juggling part time classes, and we are all so proud of him for sticking it out!

When I purchased all that meat last week, I sort of just wasn't thinking that our trip was coming up so soon.  Then, I still intended to cook some of it up so we would come back to meals in the freezer, but then we all got sick over the weekend.  I decided it made more sense to eat from the freezer this week while we will also be trying to pack, and worry about cooking when we got back home and my husband was still off from school.

So, my menu plan this week will not involve any new cooking at all on my part.  In fact, the only pots I will have to dirty will be for reheating purposes!

Monday:   Leftovers

Tuesday:  Red Beans & Rice

Wednesday:  Soup

Thursday:  Gumbo

Friday-Sunday we'll be staying at my mother's house.

That's my simple plan for the week.  I shouldn't need to go shopping at all (though I do want to hit the big sale at Albertons before it ends).

This post will be linked up to Menu-Plan Monday.


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