Monday, December 5, 2011

Menu Plan: Using Things Up And Keeping it Simple

I've got my menu plan all  planned out once again (That's three weeks in a row!  Go me!  LOL).  You can see that I've made myself a simple little chart and written in breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day.

I won't bore you with the breakfasts and lunches.  I sorted through my small above the fridge freezer and found that we had a few of my freezer cooking escapades (like this one) left, so I filled in with those to use them up.

For dinners this week, I'm not going to do much cooking.  I did thaw out about 10lbs of chicken breasts that I had in my freezer, and I plan to use a few soon to expire pantry items that will serve as marinades on those, and return them to the freezer.  Not sure when they will finish thawing though, so I haven't planned to mess with any of that until Thursday.

Here's the plan:

Monday:  Leftovers  (I made roast and gravy in the crock pot yesterday)

Tuesday:  Meet my husband and eat out somewhere.  (His evening shift is 6-9 instead of 4-9, so we're going to get together before he heads in to work).

Wednesday:  Pancakes   (Found soon to expire pancake mix.  I will make the whole box and freeze the rest for quick breakfasts). 

Thursday:  BBQ Chicken Breast  (I will freeze more of this, as well as some more marinated chicken.)

Friday:  Red Beans and Rice  (Planned to make this last week, and never did buy my beans, but my husband pointed out that there was one left in the freezer, so we're going to eat that one before making more.)

Saturday:  Pot Pie

Sunday:   Soup  (I literally have about 4 different kinds of soup in the freezer.  I will either let the kids vote, or just close my eyes and thaw the first thing I grab!)

There are lots more menu plans linked up over at Menu Plan Monday!


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