Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Feature On Facebook: Fan Of The Week (And Why It Benefits Us All)

I've found a new application that I'm going to begin using on my facebook page.  It's called Fan Of The Week.

Here's how its going to work:

  • Every Monday, the application with randomly choose person who likes me on facebook to be the face of the week.  Their image will show up under the Fan Of The Week tab on my sidebar all that week.

Notice the ways of increasing your chances of being chosen!
  • If you are chosen as fan of the week, you must comment on the post letting me know you've seen it, and email me at savingmyselfsilly at gmail dot com.  You've got to be paying attention, though because I don't have time to try to hunt down everyone!  I will post two reminders mid week, and weekend, but if I do not hear from you, you forfeit.
  • If you win, I will award you with a small envelope full of coupons.  Once you contact me at the email listed above, I will allow you to make a few requests of coupons for items your family needs/uses as well as your mailing address.  I will take these requests into consideration, and mail you a handful of coupons that should be useful to you!

Sounds like fun?  I think it's going to be a blast!  I can't wait to see who will be picked tomorrow!

Coupon Kathy up there was randomly selected this week after I installed the app to test it out.  She's a friend and assistant to my friend over at Deals From MS Do, and she has been an active fan ever since liking my page.  She is always liking posts and commenting on things.  She even shares things with me upon occasion.  You may have noticed me thanking her in a post when I share a deal with you!

Even though she's an acquaintance of mine, I had absolutely no hand in picking her, and I have no way of changing who is selected either.  She even declined her coupons  (I'm still willing to send them to you though!  You know what to do!) ;)

My point is that being active on my facebook page is what will get you selected, so head over there and like and comment!  It will not only help you, but it will help everyone!

Why?  Because facebook's algorithm has its own agenda in choosing what does and does not show up in your newsfeed.  You may have noticed when you make a status update, as soon as one person likes it, others start too as well.  That's because as first, facebook only shows posts to the people who interact with that person/page the most.  If those people like/comment on that post, then facebook will decide its worth putting on more people's pages.  So, your "like" or comment will actually tell facebook that my post should be shown to more people.  You'll be helping me help more people save!  How cool is that?


Kathy December 11, 2011 at 10:05 PM  

This is cool!! I never expected to be a star!
I want to say thanks to you for all your work in posting deals for everyone.

Amanda December 11, 2011 at 10:15 PM  

Aww! Of course you're a star! =D

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