Friday, December 23, 2011

Shopping Trip 12/23: 3 Stores And A 5 Year Old! (74% Savings)

I didn't make it out shopping yesterday before my husband went to work as I intended, so instead of bringing both children with me, I decided to wait until today.  He had some projects he needed to work on around the house on his day off, so  I took the big one along with me while the little one napped.

I went to three stores:  Tom Thumb, CVS, and Albertsons.  I thought it was going to be ridiculously busy, but I was surprised to find that I had little waiting in lines to do at the stores.  I spend more time circling parking lots, honestly.

I went into Tom Thumb for just one item--Fun Da Middles.  These things normally sell for about $3, but they we on sale for $0.99, and with the $0.75/1 coupons I had, they would be just $0.24 a box.  I had not tried these yet, and my kids keep seeing them and begging, so I just couldn't pass it up.  I had an e-coupon come off of my total when I scanned the first one, and I assumed it would either not take my last coupon, or put the e-coupon back on my total like it has done in the past, but it didn't, so I saved an extra $0.55 today.

Total Shelf Price:  $15.96  (Seriously?!?  $3.99?)
Total Sale Price:  $3.96  Already 75% Savings!  That's right they were selling 4 for the price of 1!
Price Paid After Coupons:  $0.41    I actually dug change out of my purse!  97% Savings!

On to CVS, and I was sure I would not be able to find the things on my list, however there was only one item that the shelf was bare and there was a cart full of them waiting to be stocked 3 feet away!  I had actually made a last minute change of plans--I planned to get 2 nail polishes, but found an expiring coupon for FREE pantene (which actually gave me back an ECB!), so my total ended up being just shy of the $20 I needed to use my $4/$20 coupon, so I grabbed my daughter a $0.57 blow pop sucker (not pictured).

Total Shelf Price:  $27.00
Total Sale Price:  $20.04  (wow!  that was close!)
Price Paid After Coupons:  $0.73   97% Savings!

I had  a $4/$20, a $3 Birthday ECB and my ECBs from my Black Friday trip.  That manager was like "Wow!  You know how to do it!  And look you got more, too!"  I left with  $9 in ECBs and should be getting another $5 from the beauty club so I'm all set to do some major CVS shopping in the new year!

Then it was on to Albertsons.  I had a rather lengthy list to get at Albertson's, and I soon discovered that the $0.57 sucker was the best investment I had made all day!  My daughter sat in the pink butterfly car licking on that sucker and did not make a peep the whole time we were shopping--even when my phone rang and my mother in law and I were discussing her Christmas gifts...spelling words I *know* she knows how to read now.  She would normally be all over that, but not, she was quite engrossed with strawberry sugary goodness.

Here's everything I got at Albertsons:

Total Shelf Price:  $79.21
Total Sale Price:  $56.42  (Already 29% Savings...seems like it should be more than that! hmmm)
Price Paid After Coupons:  $30.47    61% Savings

I had free coupons for the little (which cost .49 more than the allowed limit) and the gaucamole, and I just needed bread, milk, and the pie shells on my shopping list, so I picked them all up there.  they all happened to be on sale, too!

Here is everything I got today:

Total Shelf Price:  $122.17

Price I Paid:  $31.61     Average Savings of 74%

How did you do this week?  Leave a comment, or link up if you have a post!


Anonymous December 23, 2011 at 4:14 PM  

All I can say is Awesome... My hat's off to you! PJ

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