Thursday, January 19, 2012

El Rio Grande Trip 1/18

Yesterday morning early I made a quick trip to El Rio Grande to snag a meat sale that was only valid yesterday--$1.50/lb for 90% lean ground beef.  (See the other deals here---I didn't include this one since it was over already when I began posting again, but I did mention it on facebook.)

I grabbed just a few other things while I was there, but they had some AWESOME prices this week.  Here's what I got:

10lbs Ground Beef =  $15.02
10 bags of shredded cheese 8oz @ $0.99 each =  $9.90
2  3lb bags of rice @  2 for $1 = $1
5 avocados @ 5 for $1 = $ 1
HUGE Cabbage @ 5lbs for $1 = $1.12
Bread =  $0.99
small drink for the kiddo =  $0.25  (the only taxable item on the list!)

Total spent:  $29.30

The only other thing I needed was milk, and I wasn't paying the price at this store ($3.50) when my husband works 2 blocks from Aldi  ($1.99), so I had him pick some up on the way home.  He also happened to come home with 12 cans of Monster Espresso from the .99Cents Only Store across the street.  I would complain about that frivolous purchase, but  *pops tab* I find them quite delicious! ;)

So far, including the coffees, we've spent $43.29 this week.  Still under budget, but I may go to Tom Thumb tomorrow if I can get my coupons together.


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