Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting Organized: What $2 At A Garage Sale Can Do

This past weekend, I was on my way back home, and spotted a garage sale on the next street over from ours.  I decided to stop and look around.

On top of finding a Tinkerbell sheet/comforter for my girls room ($3), I spied a set of two white wire cube shelves on my way back to the van.  She wanted just $2 for them, and I knew exactly what they would be perfect for....

I had been asking for shoe organization advice a while back on my facebook page.   I had since purchased an under the bed organizer that ended up being HUGE!  I decided my shoes would fit in it better, so I moved the over the door shoe rack from my closet to the back of their door....but two little girls just have too many shoes for one of those, and I was still struggling to get them to put them back (and they were struggling to see inside).

I now have their summer shoes packed away in the door, and the block shelves that I got are holding their winter shoes.  The younger one's go on the bottom, and the older one's go on top.

They are doing really well with this system, and I am liking it much better than the toss them in the box at the door method we had been employing. ;)


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