Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan 1/23-1/29

Last week, I did fairly well sticking to the menu until Friday.   On Friday, we decided to go out and use a certificate.  It was nice to get out and it was a special treat for my daughter for her two full weeks of good behavior at school.  Saturday I was feeling lazy, so I ended up making breakfast for dinner while my husband was at work (he hates eggs), and on Sunday, I remembered that I needed to take care of the ground beef I'd bought on Wednesday (more about that in a bit), so we had spaghetti.

Now, as I shared in my weekly shopping totals, payday was early this month, so I am going to attempt to pretend that it didn't happen yet to get us back on track with our normal pay schedule.  So, I'm going to be eating from the freezer again this week.

Monday:  Spaghetti  (in fridge, and I will freeze the rest)

Tuesday:  Chicken Soup

Wednesday:  Red Beans and Rice

Thursday:  Pork Stew

Friday:  Meat Loaf

Saturday:  Gumbo

Sunday:  Chicken and Dumplings

Check out more menu plans here.


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