Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Plan: Cool Weather Foods, And Filling Up The Freezer

I'm so glad that I've stuck to my menu planning into the new year!  I plan to keep it up for a long, long time because it is very helpful to me.

I realized that there have been a lot of good meat sales lately, but I haven't been doing much cooking, so my freezer is stocked with unprepared meats, and I would much rather be it stocked with prepared meals!  So, this week, I've planned some meals that are very simple to make in large batches, and they are all very appropriate for the cool weather season that is upon us.

Here's my plan:

Monday:    Leftover Cabbage Roll Casserole

Tuesday:  Chili

Wednesday:   Italian Sausage Soup

Thursday:  Leftovers

Saturday:  Gumbo  (my mom's coming into town this day)

Sunday:  leftovers

Notice I have planned leftovers.  I have a very large stock pot that usually makes 6 meals worth of soup for our family, so we can eat twice from it and still have plenty to freeze away for later, even with an extra houseguest.

Find more menu plans here.


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