Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shopping Trip 1/31: Albertsons And Kroger

Not only was today the last day of the sale ads here, its also the last day of the month, so that meant many of my coupons were expiring.   I spent most of the evening last night combing through my inserts and clipping out some that expired today or next week that I thought might make for good deals, and also putting together lists to shop at the remaining two stores I wanted to go to.

My first stop was Albertsons.  I like when Albertsons does Mega Sales, but I'm not sure if it's just my store or what, but they NEVER have the mega sale prices marked on the items.  There are no Mega Sale signs anywhere.  Its very frustrating.  I always fear that things won't ring up right, and usually have to scamper back to the front of the store and grab an ad.  But, I've never had trouble with a price ringing wrong!

Here's what I got today at Albertsons:

Total Shelf Price:  $55.81
Total Sale Price:   $30.11  Already 46% Savings!

Price Paid After Coupons:  $16.80    70% Savings!

From there I went on to Kroger (still grumbling about them no longer doubling--in fact I think this may have been the second time I've shopped there since they stopped, but it was a good sale!)  I had planned on getting 4 sets of their Mega Sale items, and I did end up getting 4 sets, but I have to change my plans around a bit in store.

You see, my Kroger doesn't have a very large organic food section, so a  few of the items I planned to purchase, my store did not even seem to carry, and they were out of a couple other items.  I *always* bring along back up coupons to Mega Sales because you never know when you will run into a stock problem.   In fact, this time I still was three items short, so I grabbed a few $0.48 mac and cheese cups as cheap filler items.

Here is everything I ended up getting at Kroger:

Total Shelf Price:     $ 93.44
Total Sale Price:      $ 58.32   Already 38% Savings

Price Paid After Coupons:  $32.96     65% Savings

Altogether today I spent $49.76 on  $149.25 worth of groceries, so I saved 67%, nearly $100!  Woohoo!

Since I have all my meals prepared in the freezer this week, I focused my grocery money on rebuilding a small stock of some items that had dwindled.  I think I'm all set on juice and diced tomatoes for a while! ;)


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