Thursday, January 5, 2012

Survey Site: SurveyHead $5 Sign Up Bonus + iPad Sweepstakes

I'd like to tell you about another survey site that I love.  It's called Surveyhead.  Surveyhead is one of the most recent survey sites I've found out about, but one of the one's I've earned the most money with int he shortest amount of time!

They always have plenty of surveys available for me, and when I log in, it tells me how many are waiting (I likely will not qualify for them all, though).  It also tells me the total amount I could earn if I *did* qualify for them all.

I get a lot of survey emails from them, and lately with blogging I will be honest and say I ignore 90% of them.  The ones I pay close attention to are the ones that say I can qualify for an online focus group.  These usually pay around $10-$20 each.  I've gotten into a few of these, and you can see I've already cashed out $50, and have $23.10 waiting in my account.  

They have just added lots of new redemption options (it was Amazon at $25 and that's it!).  Now there are some $10 and $15 options as well as some higher dollar options.  The smallest Amazon amount is still $25, so I don't have far to go to reach that.  Better go take another survey!  ;)

If you'd like to give Surveyhead a shot, you can sign up here!  You will get $5 just for signing up, and a sweepstakes entry for each survey you take.  The current sweepstakes is for a chance to win an iPad!


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