Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teaching Tuesday: Guest Post--Guaranteed Grocery Savings

My Teaching Tuesdays series is set to begin today, but I am still working out the order of my posts. I think there must be a reason for that though, because this past week I was contacted by a blogger, Katie, with a fabulous guest post that is actually something our family has tried in the past. We found that it truly did work, but have since reverted back to our old ways. =( We will be beginning doing this again *very* soon! Enjoy!

Guaranteed Grocery Savings

A sure fire way to reduce you grocery bill is paying with cash. Paying cash ensures that you will not go over budget. Implementing a cash only grocery system will force you to shop wisely. You can follow these three rules to guarantee your savings:

  1. Only bring the cash that you budgeted for groceries with you. Do not bring any extra cash or credit cards to cover you in case you go over budget. Bringing only the cash that you set aside for groceries ensures that you will stick to your budget. After all, no body wants to be stuck at check out with not enough money to cover the bill.
  2. Make a list. By creating a list and sticking to it, you won’t be tempted to buy items on impulse. The list should also give you a ballpark number of the amount of money you will need. Once you have your list and budget, try finding the best deals possible and see if you can beat your estimated budget.
  3. Start Small. It is not a wise idea to try and cut your grocery budget in half the first week. Either you will go over budget and will be stuck at the cash register with not enough money to pay, or you won’t have bought enough food to feed your family. Instead, slightly lower your budget each week. With time you will get better at budgeting.

Make sure to keep your budget and grocery list realistic. Aim to purchase all of the food your family normally eats; just skip out on impulse buys. With time and practice you will see major savings on your groceries.

Author Bio: Katie is a wife and a mother to two beautiful girls. She works part time as an Office Manager at a Department Store and goes to school full time pursuing an Accounting Degree. In her spare time she enjoys blogging at Highland County Blog.


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