Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Using My Old Navy Groupons

This morning, my mom wanted to go shopping, so I decided that while I was out (and had an extra person with me to redeem my second one), we would run by Old Navy and see what I could find to use my two Groupons on.

We split these up into two transactions that were as near to $20 each as we could get.  They were having a big clearance sale, so everything that I bought was marked down.  Here is everything that I was able to get with my two $20 Old Navy Groupons.

Two pair of sweatpants for me.
Two shirts for me
A summer nightgown for me
A pair of brown leather flip flops for my husband.
2 Matching dresses for my girls
3  3-packs of girls panties

I'm not sure how much all of these items cost before clearance, but after using my Groupons (one was a gift, and one I paid $5 for the one I bought because I had $5 credit in my account), I spent just $5.67 including taxes (and they taxed on the price of the groupon, so $10 more than I actually owed I was taxed for).

That means that I paid $10.67 for all of this including what I paid for the Groupons, plus for each set of purchases, my mother and I both got a coupon to be used in the future for $10 off a $20 purchase.


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