Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Rewind: Homemade Baby Food

This post was first written on March 30, 2010.  When my kids were younger, I made my own baby food for both of them.  It was very easy, much cheaper, and I knew exactly what went in it!

Here's the post:

After I got done with all of my shopping last week and was feeling so proud of myself for getting everything we would need in the near future (and doing so with two kids tagging along), I opened up the freezer to discover that my hungry little critter was almost out of homemade baby food.  *sigh*  I had also forgotten the main ingredient to the recipe my visiting sister in law had asked for, so back to the store I went.  I came back with enchilada sauce, and three very large sweet potatoes.  I also had a pack of carrots in the fridge.

I baked the sweet potatoes until they were very soft.  I boiled the carrots in a large pot on the stove.

When they are done, I puree them until they are smooth.  My daughter is getting a little older now so I tried to make them a little thicker and chunkier for her.  For smaller portions I use my Magic Bullet , but for large portions I use my blender.  Then I pour them into very small containers or ice cube trays.  Then I put them into the freezer.

Once they are frozen, I will remove them from the ice cube trays and place them into a zip top freezer bag.  Then when it is meal time I just have to take out a few cubes and thaw them in the microwave.

So there, now I have my orange vegetables made.  Who knows a good sale on green vegetables or fruit?

Oh, one more thing!  If the produce you want is not in season, frozen blagged vegetables work just as well.  I have made peas and green beans this way and they work just fine. =)


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