Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Rewind: Once Upon A Time In My Freezer

This post was originally written on April 5, 2010.  It sort of makes me sad reading through it again because it has been a truly long time since I've done a freezer cooking day and put away very much food.  With my husband working so much, I try to schedule cooking on his days off, and I've been making enough for leftovers the next day, and then perhaps freezing one meal if there's one left.  I guess the idea is still the same....saving time and money, but I think what makes me saddest is the organization I *used* to maintain!  That calendar you see has sat empty for far too many months!

Here is the original post:

I took inventory of my freezer today to see what meals I still had in there and reorganize it.  Here is what it looks like now:

As you can see, I have most of that third shelf left to put food on.  The big brown box is full of frozen uncooked meat, mostly pork.  At the bottom in the bags are two whole chickens, 10lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts, and some shrimp.  In the door, I also have some fish and sausage.  Anybody have a good pork recipe? 

I took all of the stuff out of the freezer, and threw it momentarily into an empty laundry basket.  I smashed my finger in the process =( so it kinda hurts to type.  I put it back into the freezer neatly, and wrote down everything I found in a notebook. 

I added this all up and found that I have 48 meals in my freezer ready to heat and enjoy.  I then took out my dry erase calender and filled in a meal for each night until payday. 

I will work out side dishes and extras later on, but I have the whole month's menu planned out with plenty meals to spare.  Now did I make all of these in one day?  Oh no!  But I've learned to use my time wisely in the kitchen.  When I find a good price on meat, I buy a lot of it.  I find a recipe, or a few, using the same type of meat, gather all my ingredients, and get to cooking (always when daddy is home of course--he's a lot of help in the kitchen too).  I will double, or quadruple perhaps, a recipe.  Hey, it doesn't take much longer kitchen time to do that.  Then I eat my meal, and bag up the rest in dinner sized portions.  Do you realize that if you tripled the recipe you cooked each night for one week, then you would have two weeks worth of meals in the freezer by the time the week was over, with no extra work on your part.  That saves lots of time, and it saves money too.

Oh, and I found one more thing in my freezer.  Green beans.  I thought I had used them all up.  So....I am making some more baby food. =)


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