Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Goals 1/30

I'm still not doing very great accomplishing my goals for the week, but I suppose I'm about halfway there.

Last week I said my goals would be:

Must get done:
  • Freeze spaghetti
  • Put meatballs, etc. in freezer bags (I left them on the baking sheets to freeze overnight.  It helps them hold their shape).
  • Finalize our budget  (work in progress)
Would like to get done:
  • Put Christmas items up in the attic
  • Clean master bathroom/bedroom
  • Organize Under Bathroom Cabinets
Trying to form habits:
  • Wash/dry/put away one complete load of laundry each day  (yes that means I have a huge basket awaiting me in the garage)
  • Wash/dry/put away one load of dishes each day 
  • Go to bed/wake up earlier (HA!)

So you can see I'm still working on getting to everything on my list.  I will say that I'm doing a good job of maintaining the cleanliness of the house that I worked so hard to achieve the week after Christmas, so that is encouraging to me!  I've also been able to get a little bit ahead on pre-scheduling blog posts for you guys, so that's saving me some stress.

This week....

Must Be Done:
  • Clean Betta Fish Tank
  • Use Up Sweet Potatoes  (I intend to attempt to make chips).
  • Put Christmas Stuff Away/Tidy Up Garage
Would Like To Get Done:
  • Clean Our Bedroom
  • Organize/Inventory Under Bathroom Cabinets
  • Organize/Inventory Under Kitchen Cabinets
  • Organize Cups
  • Continue Working On Finalizing Budget
  • Continue Pre-writing posts
  • One load of laundry each day (and put away)
  • One load of dishes each day
  • Go To Bed/Get Up Early
  • Yoga at least one night a week  (Wii or netflix)

I'm easing myself into this whole exercise thing...

I'm sure I will once again come up with a million other things that are more pressing, but I suppose there's no harm in that if they truly are!


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