Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Goals

Last week, I planned on getting a lot of things done, but I should have recalled that each time there is one day off of school that disrupts our routine, it takes us three days to recover from it.  I do not know how or why that happens, but it does.   Also, my husband was very very busy trying to plan his lessons and grade papers this week, and since many of my planned projects involved his help, they didn't happen.

This was my small list:

  • Put Christmas Away  (it has been moved into the husband simply lifted the decorated tree and carried it out I need to box up and put away the ornaments and he needs to put it all up in the attic.
  • Deep Clean Master Bathroom/Straighten Our Bedroom
  • Clean Up Backyard
  • Organize Clipped Coupons  (I have cut out my printed ones, but I need to put them away.)
Yes, that means that my Christmas tree is still standing decorated in my garage, my yard is still covered with dead leaves, and my bathroom is still a mess.  But I'm ok with that.  I did actually get a more pressing task accomplished!

You see when I made that list last week, I did not know that I would find an incredible sale on ground beef, which we were out of, and run off to the store that very morning to purchase 10lbs of it.  That was Wednesday.  Sunday morning, I decided that I had to either do something with it right away, or freeze it.  So, I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce with half, and turned the other half into meatballs/meatloaf/hamburger patties.

I even turned a big corner in kitchen help:

She wanted to "do something she had never done before" so I decided she was mature enough to help with this task while I was browning the rest of the meat in the pot.  She shaped 24 meatballs, 8 hamburger patties and a meatloaf, and she did a wonderful job.  I believe her exact words were "I'm swishing the insides of a cow!  That's so cool!"  *shakes head*  She must get that from her father. ;)

This week, today my major task was to find a working dishwasher, because ours went out this morning.  I'm going to cut myself some slack because I've got a lot of dishes to catch up on tomorrow.  Here are a few things that I need/want to get done this week.  (I'm trying to better prioritize things, and hoping that doesn't aid in my procrastination.)

Must get done:
  • Freeze spaghetti
  • Put meatballs, etc. in freezer bags (I left them on the baking sheets to freeze overnight.  It helps them hold their shape).
  • Finalize our budget
Would like to get done:
  • Put Christmas items up in the attic
  • Clean master bathroom/bedroom
  • Organize Under Bathroom Cabinets
Trying to form habits:
  • Wash/dry/put away one complete load of laundry each day  (caught up on these Sunday)
  • Wash/dry/put away one load of dishes each day (once I catch up on these)
  • Go to bed/wake up earlier

So there you have it, these are the things that I'm working on right now.  I've left it slim as not to overwhelm myself, and also because I have a few evening commitments this week.


cricketscts January 25, 2012 at 9:04 AM  

ROFL A decorated tree sitting in the garage sounds exactly like something my husband would do! I bet it's harder to be motivated to attend to it with it out of the way though LOL

Amanda January 25, 2012 at 9:10 AM  

Yes! And since he moved his "office" into the house instead of the garage he doesn't even think about it.

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