Sunday, January 1, 2012

Want An Easy Way To Track Your Savings In The New Year?

Last year, I downloaded the 2011 Savings Tracker from  I really, really enjoyed using it because it is set up just the way my brain thinks about savings.  There is also a place where you can input your target budget goal, and as you go through the month, it will tell you how much money you have remaining to spend.

Last year...I got to June and fell off the wagon!

But, that is all behind us now!  I am determined to see just how much I save this whole year, because as of the end of May last year, I had spent only $1358.13 on $3573.37 worth of items (63% Savings).  That's an average of just $271/month for those first 5 months, which was within my budget (which began at $300 and lowered to $280 at the beginning of March because the tracker let me easily see that I was able to reduce it.

I'm very excited to get started using the new 2012 Savings Tracker (click the link to head over to The Coupon Project and download yours!)

I'm going to try to keep myself motivated to use the tracker this year by promising you at least monthly, if not more frequent, progress updates.

Do you track your savings?  I'd love to hear about your method!  Feel free to share your 2011 savings totals!


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