Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aldi Deals 2/1-2/7

Here are the best prices I see advertised this week at Aldi:

Meat Special Buy:

Tyson St. Louis Style Pork Ribs   $2.89/lb

(These say limited supply, but my store has had extra and I've even found them marked down the following week, so if you shop toward the end of the ad week keep an eye out!  Monday I saw last week's chicken breasts with $2 off stickers.)


Avocados   $0.29 each

Roma Tomatoes  $0.49/lb sold in 1lb. package

Bananas  $0.39/lb

California Navel Oranges  $0.35/lb  sold in 4lb bags for $1.39

Broccoli Crowns  $0.99/lb  sold in 1lb. packages

Cauliflower  $0.99 each

Inside the ad this week shows a comparison between brand name costs vs. Aldi brand costs for many items you might purchase for the big game.  I'd just like to say do NOT be scared to try Aldi's snack items, especially the chips and "Ritz".  They are every bit as good as the brand named products!  We've been impressed with every product we've tried, and in the past almost 2 years since they've opened here, we've tried most of their items at some point or another.


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