Friday, February 10, 2012

Food On The Table: Sign Up To Get FREE Premium For Life

You guys *know* I LOVE Food On The Table, so I am super excited to find out about this new offer they have going on this month.

Right now when you sign up for this easy meal planning service (that helps you plan menus from your local stores sales to save you time and money!) you can upgrade to the premium service get the regular service free for LIFE for FREE.  Just use the code FEBFREE!

I just logged back in through this link and was able to select 5 recipes when in the past I've only been able to select 3.  It looks like I do have the premium service at least for now!

NOTE:  I've tried and tried to figure this promo out, because it seems like the same thing that have been offered all along, at the only thing I can come up with is that they must have plans to charge for the regular service in the future  (I could still be completely misunderstanding, though).  But if I'm correct, then you will definitely want to sign up now for free while you still can!


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