Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kroger Trip: Saved 77%

After looking over the new sale ads this morning, and doing a few coupon match-ups, I realized that some coupons I had been wanting to use to stock back up (I was down to 2 packs), expired today!  They happened to be on sale at Kroger, and I happened to be heading to the library just down the street from Kroger, so I grabbed my coupons before we left.  I had also won a couple of items in the Kroger instant win game that is going on now (mac n cheese and gatorade), and had a couple free item coupons from a Kroger home mailer (dressing and toothpaste).

Here is what I came with, and my budding young photographer:

Total Shelf Price:  $26.78
Total Sale Price:   $21.71
Total OOP After Coupons:  $6.03    $0.46 of which was tax.   That's a savings of 77%


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