Sunday, February 12, 2012

Menu Plan 2/13-2/19

Last week's menu plan went really well.  I only strayed from it on Saturday night while my husband was working, and I decided to have eggs and bacon and toast.  We had the leftover roast today, and I froze two more containers of it.  I moved the spaghetti to Monday's menu.

I've also taken out a 7lb. pack of frozen chicken breasts to thaw in the fridge.  I do not expect them to be ready to work with until at least Tuesday, but we're going to have a nicer dinner that night, so I'll be working with the chicken on Wednesday/Thursday.

Here's my plan for the week  (note that all the meats I already have on hand in the freezer):

Monday:  Spaghetti

Tuesday:  Tilapia

Wednesday:  Something involving Chicken Breast

Thursday:  Something involving Chicken Breast again  (Note that I have several ideas, I just want to check what we have on hand first and decide which recipes will involve buying less stuff!  I'm also going to make some homemade chicken tenders for lunch on Thursday and hopefully have a few to freeze!)

Friday:  Gumbo

Saturday:  Pork Chops  (I've got a lot of these in my freezer that are getting pretty old, so I'm hoping to bake a large batch and freeze some fully cooked ones).

Sunday:  Dinner salad  (from leftover cut up pork chops and perhaps even chicken tenders if we end up not having enough to freeze).  I hope to be able to find more cheap lettuce at the 99Cents Only store.

I also an planning to use up some sweet potatoes that I cooked and mashed and froze this weekend.  After my sweet potato chips, there were still several sweet potatoes remaining.  A few had some bad spots on them, so I cut the good portions off, peeled them to make sure I'd gotten all the dark spots out, and boiled them down in a pot with a little bit of cinnamon.  (The peels and the dark portions went into the compost pile.)

I've put these in the freezer for now in case I do not get to them this week, but I intend to make some breakfast dishes with them, like pancakes and/or muffins.

I have one more item that I need to find a use for.  It is a monstrous head of cabbage:
Bought it @ 5lbs. for $1 and paid $1.12 so it's over 5lbs!

I've had this behemoth in my fridge for a couple weeks and I *need* to find a use for it.  I'm all out of ground beef, so that eliminates virtually all cabbage recipes that I know how to make  (Perhaps Wednesday's ads will have some on sale??).  I'm up for creative ideas, and if  you know of anything that is freezer friendly, you know I'm all for that!

That's what I'll be doing in the kitchen this week.  You can find more menu's linked up here!

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