Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu Plan: 2/20-2/26

Last week, we strayed from our menu plan a bit, and I did not get the pork chops cooked, so I'm going to tackle them this week.  I also found a pack of pork that was not chops mixed in, so I'm going to cook it this week, too, and hopefully have a meal to freeze from that dish as well.  The other dishes are already prepared and will come from the freezer.  I'm still attempting my plan of cooking 2-3 days a week, and putting 3-4 meals into the freezer while pulling 3-4 meals out.  So far it's working nicely.  I'm working through all the meats that had accumulated in the freezer, and though I'm trying to work with just one type of meat each week, having the other meals in the freezer is letting us still keep a nice variety!  I'm trying to also work in a weekly baking day!

Here's my plan:

Monday:  Cheddar Chicken

Tuesday:  Asian style slow cooker pork  (this is going to be a "see what's in the pantry and freezer" type of dish...usually works out pretty well)

Wednesday:  Fried pork chops  (not so healthy, but my favorite way to eat them)

Thursday:  Baked Pork Chops with Broccoli & Rice  (I will also have some more pork chops thawed, that I will simply bake and freeze for future meals)

Friday:  Red Beans & Rice

Saturday: Meatballs

Sunday:  Soup  (we've got about 3 varieties in the freezer, so I'll choose which ever sounds the best).

Find more menu plans here.


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