Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Stores And Lots Of Cheap Produce! + Weekly Totals

After pretty much not shopping last week, we were almost completely out of fresh foods, and there were a ton of great sales I wanted to take advantage of this week.  After we got my oldest on the school bus this morning, I finished making my list, and off we went!

Our first stop was El Rio Grande  (see this week's deals).  I needed some more tomato sauce, but in order to get the 8 for $1 deal, I knew I needed to spend $10.  I thought I was going to have to add something to my transaction to get there since I decided against the pineapple (very small), but I just squeaked by.  Here's what I got (and I think those are the biggest cucumbers I've ever seen in my life!):

Total spent:   $11.88

Then we went to Aldi.  I had a few needs on my list, and I also wanted to get some of the produce they had advertised (see this weeks deals).  There were a few splurge items also, like the crab rangoons, and the soft drinks my husband asked for, so I spent a little more than I was expecting, and I also forgot to get the dog food, so I should have spent even more.  Oh well, they've got enough for a few more days.

Here's everything I came home with:

Total Spent:  $43.74

Then, while I was out I ran by the 99CentsOnly store in search of salad and trimmings.  I found plenty, plus a few awesome surprises.

Total Spent:  $17.54.

The oatmeal, lemonade, and red peppers were $0.50 each.  The romaine lettuce is a 3 pack, and it's Organic.  I found lunchmeat (that I put straight into the freezer--if I'd have known that I could have not bought the pack at Aldi....), Cascadian Farms granola bars, which was awesome because we just ate the last of our Nature Valley bars and I haven't found another sale yet, and a frozen Sarah Lee chocolate cream pie. =)  I also found some more mini packs of raisins that I love for lunch boxes and travel snacks.

Altogether today, I spent $73.16.  I don't think that's too bad after a week of virtually no shopping, and I got some great prices on healthy foods!

I don't intend to do any more shopping tomorrow, so I will go ahead and let this be my weekly total post.

If we add in the $6.03 I spent yesterday at Kroger....

...that brings the total up to $79.19 for the week.  That is slightly over my weekly budget of $75/week,  but everythinn I've spent this year averaged over the course of 7 weeks has been $73.08/week, so I'm still keeping within my budget, and I've been able to do some stockpile, and get lots of healthy fresh foods, so I'm pleased! =)

How has your shopping gone this week?  Link up or comment below:


A Fresh Start to Making Ends Meet February 22, 2012 at 9:21 PM  

Oh my I wish we had a .99store here! We had one some time ago, and I used to live there they had amazing deals. Nice work adore the produce [it's my thing]. Thanks for the linkup and nice comments at our blog. ☼

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