Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekly Goals

I have missed a couple of weeks posting my weekly goals.  I had things that I wanted to get accomplished, and I did accomplish many of them, but honestly when the time came to make a list and post it, I felt that my time was better spent actually getting things done.

I've really been struggling with getting around to the things that I need to do in a timely manner.

My main goal this week is going to be making a weekly cleaning schedule that works for me, and stick to it!  I'm already a day behind it seems with school out yesterday.

As I go through the rooms and do my maintenance cleaning throughout the week, I am going to make a list of larger projects that need to be tackled.  If I write them down, I won't forget about them (unless I lose my list), but then I can easily pick an item off the list to tackle on the appropriate day of the week.  I hope to make some better progress around here this way!

Last week was a very busy one for me.  The only day I was home was Friday, and I spent the whole day cleaning.  I discovered the beauty of timers that day.  I decided what task to tackle, and put 15 minutes on the timer.  I was always just finishing up whatever I was working on when the timer went off, and then I took a short break and prepared for the next task.

Other things I need to get done:

  • Catch up on the laundry.
  • Clean the backyard.
I know I will do more this week, but until I get better at this planning stuff, I tend to do whatever is bugging me most at the moment. ;)


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