Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Shopping Totals + Monthly Totals

I did not do a whole lot of shopping this week.

On Tuesday, I made a last minute trip over to Albertsons for a few items.  When I got there, I encountered several in store signs alerting me that there were typos and misprints in their sales ad, so some of the deals I went for, weren't such good deals after all.

Here's what I got (sale has now ended):

Total Shelf Price:  $28.00
Total Sale Price:   $19.84
Total Spent After Coupons:  $12.45   56% Savings

Today I made two quick trips.  I ran into Tom Thumb for Ken's Dressing:

Total Shelf Price:  $14.76
Total Sale Price:  $6.00  Already 59% Savings!!
Price Paid After Coupons:  $2.00   86% Savings

Then, there were a few items I needed from Aldi (not pictured are a gallon of milk, large tub or margarine, and a pack of American and a pack of Swiss cheese).  As I was grabbing two loaves of white bread (like we usually eat) for $0.89 each, I happened to glance to my right and notice that the wheat bread was marked down to just $0.50/loaf.  So, we're eating healthier bread this week because it was marked down.  I'm also thinking some french toast is in order for the weekend. ;)

Price Paid  $26.91

Total Spent On Groceries This Week:  $41.36.   My husband gets paid either tomorrow or Monday, so this is the end of "february" for me.  Altogether this month, I spent $273.93.  That is $6.07 under budget for the month (though strangely I have more cash left than that....but that must be from those few small stops my husband made).   This is the 8th week of the year, and my weekly average spending with this week is down to just $69.46/week.

I did not purchase meat at all this month because I was using up what had accumulated in my freezer (and I've still got a lot left!).  Instead of those purchase, I was able to stock up on lots of items this month:  oatmeal, deli meat, maxi pads, kids shampoo, juice, canned tomatoes and canned soups, and salad dressing.  Plus, we were able to eat plenty of fresh produce!

After shopping, I came home and put away the few cold items, and then my little one and I went cruising around the neighborhood hunting garage sales.  We stopped at 4 this morning, and the first three had absolutely nothing we needed.  I'm glad we kept searching, because at the last one we stopped at, I found a lot of items in my older daughters size (and the great thing about having a younger daughter is that they will all eventually fit her, too!).

Here's what I got for $6 at the garage sale:

One heavy winter coat, that should still fit next winter--$1
2 pairs of shoes  $1 each  (I noticed this morning that the toe rubber on her brand new shoes was detaching.  $9 on clearance at Target, and barely lasted 2 months...=(....)
A skirt, and a shirt  $0.50 each (skirt should fit well now, shirt is a size large)
brand new 2 pack of white tights   $1
8 piece bug magnifier kit with all the pieces.  $1.

How did your shopping go this week?  Link up below or leave a comment:


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