Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dishing It Up Recipe Hop: Freezer Meals


Welcome back to the Dishing It Up Recipe Hop!  February's theme has been freezer meals!

It's getting to be a hectic time of year, so it's always helpful to have some pre-made dishes on hand in the freezer.  Not only can they save you some time and hassle at dinner time, they can save you money, too!

Freezer cooking does not have to involve preparing an entire meal!  If you just pre-cook large batches of meats, and freeze them in portions that will be enough for a meal for your family, you've saved yourself a ton of time and hassle, as well as the messy part of deal with the raw meat.  That part is done already, so you need only thaw and prepare!

Here's one meal that I've prepared from pre-cooked ground beef (see the full post and recipe here):

Check out the other great freezer meals below.  Feel free to link up your own freezer meal posts.


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