Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aldi Trips After No Shopping Last Week

I'm trying very hard to keep tabs on my spending each week through out the year, and being away last week has thrown me off.

On Saturday, after we got back, I made a quick run to Aldi to stock back up on fresh foods.  They had some amazing produce prices, and since we were down to just a few apples, I went crazy!  Well, not too crazy, but I did end up spending $41.53, but that included toilet paper and a few snack items.

Apparently between then and today, when I had to return because I was out of milk, I also got amnesia.   I seriously had no recollection of purchasing half the things I did those things were on my list again today, when I returned and spent another $34.82.

I got more flour and sugar, as well as peanut butter (which, wasn't it just $1.49 last time I bought it???  Now its $2.29???) and I stocked up on some tortillas because I'm going to be making some freezer breakfast burritos with some of those eggs my aunt and uncle brought up.  And you can see that I grabbed 4 boxes of their Herb flavor stuffing.   I couldn't resist.   It is my absolute favorite stuffing, and it's a "seasonal item" which means they only stock it during Easter and Christmas.  I couldn't bear to miss out. ;)

I also came across post St. Patricks clearance, and nabbed some green sugar sprinkles for decorating marked down to just $0.19!

I spent a total of $76.35 spent at Aldi this week, which is *just* over my weekly budget, but I think my lack of spending last week more than makes up for it when I take the yearly average.

Last week, I spent $6.81 at CVS, and then there were a few random expenditures while in New Orleans, including Snow Balls and Beignets...necessities, really!  ;).

This is the 12th week of the year and I've spent $795.08 so far, and that is an average of just $66.26 per week, so I've been staying well under budget!

Plus, I still have $40 of this month's cash left and payday isn't until Tuesday, so I just may hit some of the grocery stores with some coupons and see what I can do.  I haven't really done much coupon shopping AT ALL this month, and my stockpile is dwindling quickly.   I think I may have used a total of 5!  LOL.  But hey, don't we all have months like that?

I'd love to know about any deals you scored this week.  Link them up below or leave a comment.


Kathy March 22, 2012 at 7:03 PM  

"Donuts" are necessities when in LA, LOL ;)

Amanda March 22, 2012 at 7:17 PM  

LOL yes they are Kathy!

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