Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Coupon For My Favorite Mop!

If you guys are needing a new mop, I've got a great coupon to share with you!


This mop is lightweight, has washable velcro-on scrubbing pads, and a refillable bottle that you can fill with the cleaning solution of your choice!

It's been raining here.  I *just* mopped my floor.  My kid went out to play.  The dogs followed.   She came back in.  Again, the dogs followed....and I almost cried about the muddy paw prints all over my clean floor because I was busy packing suitcases and making beds for relatives.  I did not have time to mop *again*

But, my 5 year old offered "Mommy, can I mop up the muddy footprints?"  Why, yes!  Yes, you can!

And she did!  In about 5 minutes.  My floor is spotless again because this mop is so lightweight and easy to use, my 5 year old begs to operate it!

So, if you need a new one, I'd highly recommend this one!  You can use the coupon above to get it in stores, or you can do like I did, use Swagbucks and buy it on Amazon!  ;)


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