Monday, March 5, 2012

El Rio Grande Trip 3/5

I love how plans can change in an instant when you have kids!  I had just finished my menu plan for the week, and decided that shopping wasn't going to be on the agenda this week.  My oldest daughter had been under the weather all weekend.  She even *asked* to stay home from church yesterday, and that never happens!  She was saying how bad she felt all day yesterday, and that she didn't think she should go to school.  So I had planned for her to stay home and recover another day already when my younger one started in with the coughing.

I was preparing for a long day of whiny, sickliness, but by 10am she was bouncing around saying she felt fine, and asking to go to school.  She'd not been running a fever, and honestly I hadn't heard a single cough all morning, so I sent her to get dressed and packed her a lunch.

Since I was going in that direction, I decided to go ahead and stop in at El Rio Grande, and grab some of the meat deals that I really wanted to get, but was willing to forego.

I didn't take a picture, but here's what I got:

~10lbs. bone in split chicken breasts @ $0.69/lb
~5lbs. ground beef @ $1.69/lb
~5 lbs. pork chops @ $1.09/lb
5 kiwi (5 for $1)
3 cucumbers (3 for $1)
2 rolls of paper towels @ $0.69 each
8 Maruchan ramen cups @ 8 for $1 with $10 purchase
.25 grape drink for my daughter while we shopped.

Total spent =   $25.99

With us being out of town next week, this 20lbs. of meat should be the last meat I *need* to buy this month.  I still have some sausage and a small bit of seafood in the freezer, as well as two whole chickens, but I was out of these basics.

I do not intend to do any more shopping this week, as I really should focus on packing, but we shall see what is contained in the sale ads when Wednesday gets here.  There might be something worth an extra shopping trip!


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