Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New E-Coupons Available

Tuesdays are the day when new e-coupons usually become available.  I'm not going to list coupons in this post, because they vary by region and by store, so what I see may not be what you see.  I will give you the links so you can go check out what is available in your area!

There are some great new e-coupons available today at Cellfire.  Click the image below and choose any you'd like to save to your card.  Their value will be deducted at the register:


There are also several new coupons available at SavingStar.  Click the image below to browse coupons and load to your card.  Their value will not be deducted at the register, but added to your Savingstar account.  You can cash out when your balance reaches $5.  You should be able to use a paper coupon along with these since they do not deduct at the register.


There is a special type of coupon available right now that I've never seen before.  It keeps track of your spending with all cards registered and if you reach $20 in spending, you get $5 in your account.  That's automatic payout with one coupon!


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