Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Rest Of Your Coupon Match-Ups For The Week

You may have noticed that my grocery deal posts were not posted bright and early this morning as usual.

Yesterday, after I returned from the doctor, I posted on facebook that I had strep and a severe ear infection that has since ruptured.  I've been in quite a lot of pain from that all day and it's been a bit hard to focus.  I've posted my local stores that no coupons are needed, but I didn't want to leave you without the national chains.

Instead of trying to post them myself, I'm going to link you over to the pages of some trusted friends.  This helps you and helps them as well, so if you are needing to shop at one of these stores, please hop over and check out the deals!

For Albertsons deals, please visit Practically Virtuous.

For Kroger deals, please visit Mama Does It All.

For Tom Thumb deals, please visit  Thrifty Texan.

And here are a couple more stores that I do not usually post because I do not have in my area, but if you have them and would like to see them regularly, leave me a comment!

For Brookshire's deals, please visit Pary Moppins.

For Super 1 deals, please visit Thrifty Texas Penny


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