Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Goals

Next week my family is going to be flying out of town, so most of my goals for this week have that in mind.

I've found that my mind can't have things written in different places, or something gets forgotten about, so I've made myself some word documents to list my goals and also a weekly schedule (made that last week, but I left some things off) that have several different categories listed all on one sheet so I can see them all with a quick glance.

This week I have goals in a few categories:  cleaning, cooking, blogging, and reading.  I've also listed a parenting and other category on my goal sheet.

This week under cleaning, I've listed:

  • keep up with dishes/laundry
  • PACK
Under cooking I've listed:
  • Use up produce before we leave.   --Tonight I cooked down a few apples and some aging kiwis and a few strawberries with some water, sugar, and honey and made a jam of sorts.  It was good.  My kids wouldn't touch it.  Oh well...more for me! 
Under Blogging I've listed:
  • Schedule posts for next week.  I want the normal schedule to stay as much intact as possible.  I won't be able to bring you the grocery posts on Wednesday, but with a little work, I can get most of the other things ready to post.   I'm also going to be sharing some guest posts from some friends of mine throughout the week I'm gone, so that will be different and fun!
Under reading I've listed:
  • Return all library books.  A non-goal, really, but a necessary reminder. ;)
For parenting, I've not listed anything, but I've got an ongoing goal of figuring out which foods and additives are triggering my daughters hyperactivity and continuing to remove them from our diets.  I've determined red dyes to be a MAJOR culprit, but I'm always looking for more and reading and learning more about that.  (Book recommendations greatly appreciated!)

I've got a busy week ahead of me, but I'm determined to make it all happen! =)


JRFrugalMom and Family March 6, 2012 at 6:39 AM  

I always need to start making a check list at least a week in advance, so that I do not forget things. Word is my helper too.

Have a fun trip Amanda!

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