Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly Shopping Totals...A Day Late

I usually post my weekly shopping totals on Fridays, but I had a busy week, with some dental appointments and family recovering from illness, and so I just didn't get to go shopping at all.  Yesterday we took a ride to the farmer's market, but didn't buy anything.

I actually didn't realize there were so many things we were running out of, but when I used up the last of the eggs, milk, and cat food last night, I knew I'd have to head out to Aldi this morning.  I'm sure I'll be shopping some more this week, so I'll count this as last week's shopping. ;)

We were nearly out of produce, and I'm wanting to begin doing more baking and making convenience foods myself, so I also bought some baking supplies.

I was also either being very lazy, or knew I had so much other stuff to get done, so I didnt even take a nice lovely picture of everything I bought:

 I spent $70.xx on everything, which is about $5 under budget.  I got lots of produce and lunch food items.  I've not had a change to put it in my spreadsheet and find out my weekly average for the year, so I'll update that this coming friday.

How did your shopping go this week?


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