Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Totals

I went out to Aldi today to graba  few things we were out of, and actually ran across a couple really good deals while I was there:

I paid $28.02 for all of this!  The tortillas were marked down to $0.89 and $0.99 per pack so I grabbed some for the freezer, and the strawberries that were in the ad as $1.29 were actually $0.99 and they were HUGE and delicious, not small and overripe like the ones I had been finding, so I grabbed 3.

I had planned to hit the sales that ended this week at Kroger and Albertsons.  I had gathered my coupons and  made lists and everything, but I ended up seeing the doctor instead. That's ok, because I might would have ended up going over budget.

This trip together with my CVS & Tom Thumb trips from Monday, plus a nearly frivolous Aldi trip last Saturday for ice cream and supplies that was $19.xx brings my weekly total up to $63.76.   That's under budget for the week, again!  I haven't gotten these into my savings tracker spreadsheet yet to know a yearly update just yet, but I was already under budget for the year so this can only help!

I've been doing a lot of eating from my freezer and using what I had on hand, and not much bargain hunting with coupons this month, so my stocks have dwindled and it's time to pick it up. 

How did your shopping go this week?  Link Up below or leave a comment!


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