Friday, April 27, 2012

4 Weeks To A More Organized Home: Day 20 (Final Day)

Today is the very last assignment of this series over at Money Saving Mom.

Here's what we were supposed to tackle today:

--Get dressed in something that makes you feel great.
--Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, refer to your list of weekly goals, and make a list of no more than 5-7 specific things you want to accomplish today.
--Complete your morning routine.
--Clean out and re-organize your medicine cupboard(s). Check expiration dates on medicines and throw out any that are expired. --Set the timer for at least 15 minutes and do something you really enjoy and that relaxes and rejuvenates you. If you need ideas, here are a few: read, write, call a friend, pray, exercise, bake, play with your children, laugh with your husband, stop by the bookstore and browse the book selection, work in the garden, or take a nap! Take some time to just stop and enjoy life today!

Well last night I had a horrible time getting to sleep, first off.  I tossed and turned until about 4am and finally went and laid on the couch and slept until about 6:15 when my alarms were going off.  Not a good start to the day, but I couldn't go back to bed because we were all out of milk, and I HAD to go to the store!  (more on that in a bit)

But I was having a little trouble getting going this morning, so I decided to scratch one thing off my list--cleaning off the top of my desk!

It was really, really messy.  Pens everywhere, toys I'd taken away, name it!   I had already made a little bit of progress on this last night when I reorganized my recipe binder while watching TV.  That cleared up a huge stack of loose papers (recipes I'd printed), so this morning I just wanted to hurry up and get it finished.  I still have the drawer and cabinets to tackle, and the top--that will be no small task, I'm sure--but at least the part I can see is looking much better.  I had to take a picture because I'm sure it won't stay that way long!  (Note:  There's already a stack of clipped coupons!)

Then we shopped, came home, had lunch, then I laid my daughter down for a very brief nap before we had to go up to the elementary school for the Kindergarten teachers surprise birthday party.  And boy, was she ever surprised!   That ended with about 15 minutes left in the school day, so I went ahead and just checked my daughter out and brought her home.

I put some pizza dough in the bread machine, and we all laid down to watch cartoons.  I dozed off, so I guess that was my nap.  They helped themselves to some candy for a snack...=/

Then we made pizza...

They had a great time "decorating" theirs.  They said they made a caterpillar and a butterfly and a kitten out of ham and pepperoni.  Ha!  But the big one actually ATE the pizza, which is HUGE!  Seriously, have you ever seen a kid go into Cici's and eat only soup and salad??!!??  That one up there in the blue...that'd be her!

My husband was working tonight, and I had a headache after dinner.  They asked to stay up and have movie night, like I normally allow them to do on Friday's and let daddy tuck them in when he gets home.  They put on Pete's Dragon, and I spent most of the evening trying to clear out my facebook feed (and tune out Pete!)   That ended up being part of my getting a handle on my email goal, and I think I made some pretty good progress with that.

I did not get to my medicine cabinets, but honestly I did that about a month ago just before this challenge began, so they are all still in good shape.

At the end of this challenge, I must say I felt that I did more cleaning than organizing, but I suppose that all of that goes together.  Plus, it all needed to be done, and I am feeling MUCH better about my home.  I really liked having the daily assignments, and I think I've decided to try again to follow along with the FlyLady.  I've never been able to keep up, but maybe now that I'm sort of in the habit, I can!

Money Saving Money promised another challenge starting in May.  I'm not sure what it ism or if I will blog along with it, but I'm curious to see what it will be!   Thank you all for sticking around while I participated in this challenge.  I've been in much better spirits lately and don't feel nearly as overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done as I was when I was trying to do it all in one day and getting burned out!  I actually *feel* more organized and that I can think more clearly, so I think the challenge has been successful.   Now, if only i can keep it up!  =)


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